Oblong Display Stand

Small - £20 (Inc. VAT)

​Height 780mm

Medium - £30 (Inc. VAT)

Height 990mm

Tall - £40 ​(Inc. VAT)

​Height 1200mm

Bird Feeder Pole With 2 Hangers

Galvanised Watering Can Structure - £150.00

Price includes VAT.

Choose from our three different designs to beautifully display your indoor flowers and plants. These are our standard sizes and colours. Bespoke items can be made on a quotation basis. 

​Please contact us for any queries.

Miscellaneous Garden Items

An assortment of garden items hand designed in our workshop. Perfect if you're looking for something a bit quirky to set your garden apart from others. 

Find everything from feature items to welly boot holders!

​Flat Top Adjustable Display Stand - £35.00

​Height 700mm - 1000mm, width of top plate 200mm. Price includes VAT.

Curved Display Stands

Small - £35 (Inc. VAT)

Height 780mm

Medium - £45 (Inc VAT)

​Height 990mm

Tall - £55 (Inc VAT)

​Height 1200mm

Galvanised Watering Can Structure

​Painted Tulip Structure

Bird Feeder Pole With 2 Hangers - £38.00

Height 1740mm, base 560mm, hangers 600mm. Comes with two hangers available for four feeders. Price includes VAT.

Bird Feeder Pole With 3 Hangers - £48.00

Height 1740mm, base 560mm, hangers 600mm. Comes with two hangers for four feeders, and one hanger used as two fat ball holders. Price includes VAT.

Comes With A Handy Boot Scraper!

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Wellington Boot Stand 2 Pair - £38.00

(Inc. VAT) Height 650mm, length 650mm

Wellington Boot Stand - £45.00

(Inc. VAT) Height 650mm, length 900mm

Painted Tulip Structure - £165

​Height 1250mm, width at widest area 680mm.

Also available natural for £140, and galvanised for £195. Price includes VAT.

Display Stands