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Small Bullet Support - £10.00

Height 1000mm, width at the widest point 255mm

Medium Bullet Support - £15.00

Height 1500mm, width at the widest point 280mm

​Tall Bullet Support - £18.00

Height 1800mm, width at widest point 300mm

Ball On Stick Support - £20.00

Height 2000mm, width 300mm

Double Ball On Stick Support - £25.00

Height 2000mm, width 300mm

(Different ball styles are available as shown in the pictures.)

​Leaf Support

Double Ball On Stick

Perfect as an interesting garden feature!

Trellis Support

Squiggly Plant Supports - £4.00 Each

length 1000mm

​Crown Support

Half Moon And Halo Plant Supports -

Small Half Moon £3 - height 400mm, width 460mm

Medium Half Moon £4 - height 650mm, width 460mm

Large Half Moon £5 - height 850mm, width 460mm

Small Halo £4 - height 700mm, width 280mm

Medium Halo £5 - height  1000mm, width 280mm

Large Halo £6 - height 1100mm, width 370mm

​Medium Bullet

​Perfect for peonies!

Circular Support

Leaf Plant Support - £15

Height 1500mm, width 380mm

Trellis Plant Support - £15

Height 1530mm, width at the bottom is 460mm. Widest part is 740mm.

Circular Plant Support - £15

Height 1380mm, width 460mm.

Double Globe Support - £25

Height 1850mm, width 300mm

Crown Support - £15

​Height 400m, widest point 440mm, ring 290mm.

Double Ball On Stick

Small Plant Supports - £10.00

Height 750mm, diameter 360mm

Tall Plant Supports - £15.00

Height 1000mm, diameter 360mm

Lobster Pot (1) - £25.00

Height 700mm, depth 600mm

Lobster Pot (2) - £22.00

Height 700mm, depth 500mm.

Pyramid Plant Support - £18.00

Height 1950mm, width 370mm

​Plant Supports

​Squiggly Supports

On this page you will find a selection of our sturdy reliable plant supports. There are simple designs and items slightly more quirky. All measurements are detailed below. Unpainted plant supports left in the natural state will be subject to rust. These are our standard sizes, different sizes are available for fabrication, but the price will differ from those shown.